Self-Care Needed

Sleep Requirement Ahead   Stress can affect people in a variety of ways. The events over the past few weeks starting with the death of my father-in-law have thrown me off of my routine. Is this an excuse? Perhaps, but I have just come home from work with a sore throat, fatigue and some muscle aching.   My immunity is obviously down due… Read more →

A New Year, A New Me

A dear friend, a long-time mentor, of mine met me for dinner shortly before the holiday season hit. As time has gone on, I have become much more comfortable around her so rather than being a bundle of nerves, I ended up having a very pleasant evening. Becoming even more brave about our evolving relationship, I bravely sent her the… Read more →

Chasing Around

My dad used to tell me I’d been “chasing around” again and it used to drive me crazy. This was just another one of his verbalized observations about me that I remember fighting against or resisting looking at. Years have past and, sadly, my dad is no longer with me. I’ve thought more about this phrase “chasing around” over the… Read more →